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STONE CARVING. Linwood Cemetery is not only a memorial garden to commemorate the deceased, it is also an open-air museum of the art that out lives life, left behind to celebrate all the lives lived and lost. READ ON »»

RESTORATION. Preservation of our history in the face of decay is truly a noble aim. To make sure that future generations can enjoy the serenity of the cemetery, we gladly and thankfully accept donations. READ ON »»

VOLUNTEER. Time is relentless, constantly working to erode the past. It is our duty to stave off this erosion. With so much restoration already accomplished, there is still much to be done, including the restitution of the century old Edmond Cole upright grand piano. READ ON »»


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January 31st, 2011

Recent Restoration

The floating tablet ..

January 27th, 2011

Restoration in Linwood Cemetery

Historic Linwood Foundation has successfully continued to fulfill it’s mission for 14 years!!! Our mission statement is as follows:

To preserve and maintain Linwood Cemetery as an historic and cultural site of importance to the City of Columbus and its citizens, to assist the City of Columbus in restoring, preserving, improving, maintaining and managing Linwood Cemetery, and to educate the public with respect to the cultural and historic values of Linwood Cemetery, and for other educational and charitable purposes.

I know we are meeting all of the above criteria. In the past year, restoration encompassed at least 20 lots to include both brick restoration and monument conservation. Our office staff and faithful docents toured approximately 400 students through the cemetery in late October of 2010. We continue to provide commmunity service hours for students from several different schools in the area. With the help of some of these students and volunteers we have also been able to clean some of the stones in the cemetery which better able visitors who are researching their genealogy to read the information they are seeking.  Our Annual Fall Ramble grows larger in attendance with each year that passes. We had 324 in attendance this past October.

The Foundation continues to work closely with the city to maintain the grounds of this Historical site. Their help here is of utmost importance as they remove debris from worksites, blow the area around our office and the Lummus Chapel and generally keep up the cemetery. Our visitors are especially aware of the work and compliment the upkeep on a regular basis.

In summary, I am proud to report to our readers that the mission of the Foundation is still the number one priority. If you have questions or would like to join our membership, please contact the office at 706-321-8285.

Deby Payne, Executive Director