To become a member, please download and print the Membership Form, check level of membership
desired complete form and mail with your check to:
Historic Linwood Foundation, Inc. P.O. Box 1057 Columbus, Georgia, 31902


Mission Statement: To preserve and maintain Linwood Cemetery as a historic and cultural site of importance to the city of Columbus and its citizens, to assist the city of Columbus in restoring, preserving, improving, maintaining, and managing Linwood Cemetery, and to educate the public with respect to the cultural and historic values of Linwood Cemetery, and for other educational and charitable purposes.

We know that we have taken on a tremendous task and that is why we encourage you to participate in our mission of restoring our historic cemetery. While Linwood is certainly an important asset for Columbus, it is also vitally important to all who want to preserve history. The many museum quality monuments, brick walls, and iron fencing should be preserved so that many of those who come after us will be able to visualize the past. We are grateful for any consideration you may give to our Foundation.

Please be aware that your donation will be used to help ensure the continuation of restoration. As a member, our quarterly newsletter will enable you to keep abreast of the happenings in Linwood and receive invitations to any events taking place.