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Cemetery Tours

Historic Linwood Foundation hosts a large tour through Linwood Cemetery in October of every year. Called the Fall Ramble, this is a fund-raiser for the Foundation. This usually brings about 300 visitors to hear stories about selected families told by family members or other volunteers. After the tour, attendees are invited to partake of a delicious spread of hors d’oeuvres and drinks.

Other tours through Historic Linwood Cemetery are available upon request at no charge. Many varied groups have visited the cemetery, from elementary school classes to college-level classes; from Scout troops to garden clubs. Please call the office at 706-321-8285 to arrange a tour or receive assistance in locating graves.

Types of Tours

General tour pointing out various notables and symbolism on many diverse monuments.

Civil War tour telling the impact the war had on those who served and those who suffered.

An Industrial tour telling the stories of the men who helped build Columbus.

Burial Records

Download and Print the Cemetery Interment .pdf files listed alphabetically below. The following interments are taken from the official city records of burials in Linwood Cemetery. The official city’s burial records begin in October 1866. Any burial dates before 1866 were taken from the markers. The actual record may contain other information such as age, address, funeral home, etc. Please use this information as a finding aid.

Burial Record Listings by Last Name
Cemetery Records and Maps
Old Cemetery Burial RecordsLinwood Cemetery Map
Official City Records Map


Linwood Cemetery is at 721 Linwood Boulevard